Monday, January 02, 2006

i nearly wanted to f*** smrt today.. literally. board a feeder bus and tap my ezlink on the card reader and *beeeeeepppppp beeeeepppp beeeepppppp*

sick! my card spoil? i took the card out of my wallet and tap it directly on the reader and it keep on beeping non-stop! damm... have no choice but to pay by coins. luckily i still got some coins and the bus driver was kind enough to let me pay student rate juz because i showed him my student ezlink.. *phew*

reached the mrt station and the first thing i do is to head straight to the transitlink sales office and its only at that time i realise that student ezlink card has to be tapped at the AVM and GTM to extend its validity. come on.. i use giro all the way how on earth will i know that i need to extent the validity right? even the reader on bus dun show any reminder that i need to extent the validity of the card..

ahhh!! tomorrow i need to work!! nooooo!! help!! kill me ba!!

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