Wednesday, January 04, 2006

i strongly agree with the phase "we will only treasure something/someone when we loses it/him/her".

its such a beautiful senstnce yet brings out an absolute fact of life isn't it?

there is also another phase which should go with it, that is "we will also regret losing something/someone if we did not try to achieve/winning it/him/her".

isn't that so close to our hearts? how many times have we regretted losing someone to another person just because we have the fear of losing? how many times did we hide our sadness when someone you care for has left you just because you did not let him/her know how you feel? what will the ending be if he/she knows that you are right here waiting? are you going to pursue what you think you want or are you willing to give up just because you are afraid that it might soil the current relationship?

i admit i belongs to the latter. perhaps its my inferiority complex, or its because i tend to think and fear too much. i have high uncertainity avoidance and its taking its toll on me.. i really need to tweak my mindset and learn to overcome it.. i need the courage.


tomorrow is a BIG day for me.. i pray for intelligence + flexible brain + ability to express myself.. wish me luck people! will tell you all more next time! =)

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