Thursday, January 19, 2006

i'm impressed by my dad! haha!

he bought a brand new set of sound system in just a matter of mins! when i heard from my mum that he bought the sound system, i'm just expecting those ah-pek ah-pek brand like pioneer or kenwood or those general ones like LG or sony. guess what? he bought harman kardon amplifier system + 5.1 JBL speakers! wooo! i never knew that he actually knows his stuff that well! haha! the harman kardon set is really very nice! although it still lacks in style if you compared to bose or b&o, but with this set in my living room certainly adds abit of 'seh' to my home! =)

if that is not impressive enough, my dad did another spectacular stunt! his poor son here dun even have a dvd burner and he actually bought a brand new dvd recorder for his late night tv shows! woooo~~ no more poor quality analogue tapes but digital dvd-roms!

something is telling me that he is plotting another toy.. and that may be a new lcd tv.. but i dun care, coz i dun watch tv one! haha!

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