Tuesday, January 17, 2006

i nearly puke blood just now from teaching.

but then, i'm probably like my student when i was his age. he is learning yet not learning.. its really contradictory but its happening. when he asked "how do i know i should use this method?" he is actually learning to catch the trick of applying the techniques he has learnt mechanically. this is good if the questions are those TYS type. however, he is not learning thru this method as he won't be able to do the question if its being twisted abit. thats the horror of maths. on one side i'm trying to impart him the tricks of solving questions, but on the other i must not make him think that everything is so mechanical that he can solves any question with the same approach.

my story to him (all my students) is always this:
"what you learn now are just tools. take for instance learning how to use a saw, how to use a screwdriver, etc. after you learnt them, keep them aside but don't forget them. one day when you do need to perform a particular task you will need them again, and each task will need you to use the tool in a different way. so understand your tools well and you will be able to apply them in the later stages.."


congrats kenny boy! i have no doubt you will be one of the first few to get married among the sada boys! congrats congrats!! i'll be there with the rest! =D

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