Saturday, January 21, 2006

i wake up to a beautiful saturday! ah~ the air is fresh, the sun is bright! *grinz*

and next week is CNY. again, this year's CNY i have nothing to look forward to except for the 1 week of leave (i start work on 06/02/2006 yeah!) and the chance to catch up with relatives and friends. will probably make use of this time to do things which i always wanted to do but no time for during normal days. not going for any tour this year coz the budget is reserved for my convo, somemore the countries i wana go also celebrate CNY so go there is like going to ghost town, and i'm not really the "see mountain and see sea" kind of person.

ok lets see what i'll do today. actually i'm cleaning up my room now. i see the dust and dirt hiding around the furniture really irks me! sooo thick man! really, if not for CNY i doubt i'll bother to even shift the furniture around to clean my room up. haha! hope that i can finish everything before 3pm so that i can still have time to go out for last min CNY shopping. i think i have enough new year clothes but i dun mind getting another few pcs if the desigh is good and price is right. last week went queensway and i was nearly crushed there.. i thought i'm may not live to get out of the building.. -___-"" maybe i'll go bugis later or what..

*updates @430pm*
shack~ managed to clean up those "obvious" areas =) now flipping thru the papers and wondering if i should still go out.. maybe i should just drop by those suburbs malls to see if i can get anything interesting instead of squeezing my life thru and kena molest by 咸猪手.. yah.. i just kena "咸猪手-ed" by an auntie 2 days ago. its not just an act of innocence touching me but a deliberate attempt! damm...

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