Monday, January 23, 2006

look at the above idiot carefully! remember his bloody face!

fuck man! just my luck to meet a bloody gay! come on lah, which part of my face looks like a bloody gay that this bloody idiot thinks i'm one of them? *FUCK* for those gays out there, i have no prejudice against anyone of you, so long as we maintain a distance. however, one of your counterparts really irks me to the core!

let me repeat again:
i'm 100% straight! more straighter than a ruler! i like girls only! guys can only be my friends or buddies and nothing more than that!

i was on board bus 79 and managed to find myself a seat near teban gardens when this bloody gay came along and sit beside me. once he sat down he deliberately knock onto me! initially i thought he might had lose his balance so i just can't be bothered with him. then he try to brush his hand onto my hand and i quickly sit closer to the window. damm.. he still try to sit closer to me... and his hands rubbing his knee. if his hand ever come over to me i'll sure break his bloody hand into two! finally he alighted at the stop outside jurong east library and coincidentally thats the stop i wanted to alight. once i alight he still dare to whistle to me! KNN! i nearly wanted to show my middle finger to him!

dun let me see see him again. i sure break his bloody hand into two! any police out there? i'm willing to testify him if you manage to catch him. thanks.

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