Sunday, January 01, 2006

opened my sleepy eyes and its 2006!

the air is so much fresher in this new year. everything seems to have a new meaning. its just sooo great to know that a new beginning starts today! =)

actually how do we know that we are growing older and mature as the years go by? its definitely not just from the calender lah! to me, i feel that i grow older thru the things which i've learnt and realised:

1. i'm able to give up certain things which i may hold on in the past, coz i just can't bear to let go at that time. things which are not mine will never be mine, its no point trying to give excuses to keep 'em.

2. i'm also able to appreciate the simplicity of life, although i feel that i'm already a very simple guy. life can really be much simpler if we don't complicate things and try to reach a solution.

3. money is something but not everything. i'll work hard but not at the expense of losing something else which has higher importance. at the end of the day when you look back your life, you will have regretted giving up something for that extra dollar..

my ten 2006 resolutions:
1. pay off all my study debts
2. find a better job
3. keep fit and healthy
4. make more new friends + maintain old ones
5. buy a car
6. pick up a hobby
7. go for a tour yearly
8. sharpen my cupid's archery skills
9. find a new direction in life
10. be a happier person =)

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