Sunday, December 04, 2005

went for my first body massage in one of the hotels at marina area. really shiok! the whole session started with a hand and head massage. nothing much for this one. after that was the body massage, and thats where all the action begins! wooo! with my head facing downwards, the therapist began with the "warm up". i thought its just applying of oil and some simple joint relaxation massage but its not ok! she pressed my back bones real hard till "pop" sounds can be heard damm loudly! its not just one "pop", but many "pops"! i thought she broke all my bones.. -___-"". the finale for the warm up was the best! she lifted my head up, sway my head left and right for a few rounds and "twist" my head! wahhh... the "pop" sound really made me thought that she broke my neck! hahha!

after the warm up was the body massage. really very relaxing especially with all the pressing of my shoulder and back bones. perhaps that she applied too much force on my back that throughout the whole session, i have a very tense and agony look on my face coz i'm enduring the pain actually.. haha! if got a videocam to take down my face expression for the whole session, i'm sure it will top the "singapore funniest home video" for 10 consecutive weeks if there is any..

oh yah, for those who have low endurance for pain, PLEASE let the therapist know that before the session starts when she asks if you can "take any pressure". maybe i said "yes" confidently thats why she applied abit too much force.. haha..

there is a gym just beside it and its a pretty nice place with a very small crowd. very exclusive. i actually have a very good expression with it if not for the hard-selling tactic by one of the membership consultants. she kept on presuading me to take up a 3 months membership with the gym at a special rate. the rate isn't that cheap but for the environment is pretty worthwhile. however, i'm a person who hates hard-selling, especially when she repeatedly said "this offer is only valid today!" when i wanted more time for consideration. in the end i did not sign up and that girl looked abit pissed off but who cares?! i'll keep on scouting for one which i likes most before i settle for it =)

another aussie pic...

outside parliament house melbourne

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