Friday, December 02, 2005

i was clearing my snail mail box and something caught my attention: advertisement of property agent.

i was reading one which belongs to "jaclyn xxx". quite young and pretty looking, probably in her mid 20s. the leaflet contains her hp number, her qualifications, her associated property agent institute, her achievements (eg top 100 rookie).. what amuses me is her designation: "senior manager". i was like "wow! so young already a senior manager?! sure or not? got pian siao (bluff/blow cow) or not? aiyah must be suka suka (anyhow) give her own designation one... might as well call herself managing director right? sounds 'bigger' mah!"

as i flip thru another 2 spam mails, i saw another one from the same company. really a coincidence, this guy is a "managing director"!

hahahaha!! i nearly fainted while laughing! =D

seriously i dun see the rational of these people giving themselves such a 'big' title for. its not as thou you are a managing director you are really damm good at fetching a good price or good deal mah.. so whats the point right? can't a sales associate or property management executive do?


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