Monday, December 05, 2005

quite surprised to learn that ms lemon is tying the knot in march next year. congrats! may you and your hubby live happily ever after =D

friends around me are either getting attached or married.. really can feel that time waits for no man.. just when i thought mine will be next year too but.. NAH!!.. i'm not trying to indulge in self pity or whatever! its pointless anyway. i've moved on and i'm pretty fine being single now although i do feel abit sour at times when i see lovely couples on the streets and abit lonely sometimes.. otherwise its still quite ok... really.. that thought goes away quite fast everytime =)

people keep on telling me to open my eyes bigger to look at girls around me coz one of them maybe the one.. hmmm... okok i'll clean my eyes and open bigger and see if any is waving at me.. hehe~


did i mentioned anywhere that i saw the infamous joo chiat father, mother and daughter in marina square on sunday? haha!

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