Thursday, December 22, 2005

rant rant rant!!

i hate idiots who dunno how to use transitlink ez-link cards! why must they put their card in the deepest portion of the handbag or backpack that its so damm obvious that the reader has difficulty sensing it? why are they willing to fumble at the mrt station gate, looking for their ez-link card while the ones standing behind them shake their heads in agony, all bec of unncessary stupidity in the first place? worst, they do not learn from their mistakes and willingly commit the same mistakes again.. double stupidity.

i hate idiots who let me wait and wait and wait! today went over to jurong island (my 1st visit there) to visit a site. when i reach there, i have to wait in the substation close to an hour just for the testing engineer and project engineer. damm! after doing my stuffs there and about to leave, one of the idiots asked me to wait as he wanted to conduct testing infront of me so that i'm aware of the problems he is unable to solve. damm.. just to take the test equipments from dunno where to the substation made me waited for an hour there! worst! after an hour the equipment isn't anywhere in diameter of my vision! TMD! i cannot tahan liao and ask my colleague to inform him that i got a meeting later and cannot wait any minute longer (a VERY nice way to say "i'm very dulan liao and you make limbei wait for another minute i'm gonna fuck u left right centre up down!!).. somemore today whole singapore rain like dunno what.. i nearly died kena trapped in quick sand.. my jeans and uniform all wet.. the 2 idiots should count their x'mas merry that i did not fuck them..

3rd idiot.. my client.. wasted 1 hr of my time talking to him after i came back from jurong island. keep on asking me for information which i cannot provide. especially that PE (professional engineer).. dunno how to calculate still got the cheek to say my calculations wrong! still want me to recalculate for him for dunno how many times! HELLO! if u think i'm wrong then calculate yourself! somemore u dun pay me salary k! be happy that the email i shoot u i already TRIED to be merciful already.. dun care whether you are a fucking PE or what..your incomptency is non of my business.. i dun give a damm! not happy ah.. complain me lah!

2 days to x'mas still makes me so mad.. =(

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