Saturday, December 24, 2005

its a lazy x'mas eve...

slept till 9am today.. and now i'm here blogging my life away.. got piles of things waiting for me to handle them but it seems that i'm already switched to the 'lazy' mode. haizz.. anyway later i'm going gym to workout before i head down to suntec to get some food. after that will head straight for 'the gathering'.. only have about 4 hours to complete whatever i need to do..

on a happier note, my office (ok not my office to be exact, its the other office) just came a new gal and heard that she's a model and was featured in SNAG! my colleague has confirmed and mai siao siao hor.. she is really chio lor, coz i saw her pic already. another of my colleague says she got the very 'teh teh' voice. hmm.. maybe i should call the other office and see if she will pick up the call.. hahaha! anyway no chance to see her unless i go over to that office, which is not at the other corner of jurong.. kaozz.. there all ah pek dunno station her there for what.. shld come to my office mah.. the single guys here average 26 only! hehe~

most probably i'll not be blogging tonite so merry x'mas to you all! =)

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