Wednesday, December 21, 2005

3 days to x'mas..

feel so un-x'mas this year. dun have the mood. maybe bec i'm too busy with my work and studies that x'mas just slipped off my mind; maybe i've not been going around town area to expose myself to the festive mood; maybe i've no one to celebrate with that caused me to just ignore/escape from x'mas. there is no incentive for me to go town to look for a suitable gift for anyone special, there is no need for me to think of 'the perfect silent night'. put it simply, there is no looking forward for x'mas. u know.. the thought of being lonely for x'mas simply sucks big time..

oh well, i shall not indulge in another round of self pity. i know its useless. but then sometimes when you thought you have managed to forget something, someone whom you just know just have to remind you in one way or another from out of nowhere.. *fuck*.. as a result, previous thoughts just flow back again so naturally.. *double fuck*

ok lah.. its not really so lonely this x'mas afterall as i still have a x'mas gathering on the eve. will be getting some side dishes from kenny rogers (yummy!) to complement with the turkey (i hope is from a different restaurant from last yr), the log cake, ham, drinks, etc..

any lonely souls out there who need serious companion over the long weekend do let me know!

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