Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry x'mas to all!

i had a great x'mas eve. went to the gym after encouragement from oceanic that i should exercise before the feast.. hehe.. was surprised that the trainer and the membership consultant still remembered me after 3 weeks since i last saw them. seriously that place is nice lah coz the crowd is so much better than those mega gyms and the machines ae pretty fun to use. also got the swimming pool view.. *evil grin* i'll seriously consider this one to join.. =)

went to kenny rogers to get the sides. wah man! the whole suntec is so damm crowded. the queue at tony romas stretch till i almost cannot see the end of it. even kenny rogers has a looooong queue.. i wonder when these people queueing at the end of the line will be able to sit down and have their meal..

the dinner spread.. just a portion of everything we have.. =D

this year's x'mas dinner was simply splendid! we have a big turkey (we only managed to finish a quarter), a big ham (we emptied half), sushi, various sides, potato, salad, ice cream cake, durian puffs, etc etc.. all of us almost fainted trying to clear those food on our plate.. in the end we have to play 终极密码 to empty some of the misc stuffs.. as for the rest, i guess my friends have to eat turkey sandwiches for all meals for a week. hehe!

of coz, not everyone is enjoying themselves on this feastive season. i walked past the congress kopitiam and i saw a few sulking gfs eating roti prata with their bfs.. not sure if that has anything to do with the prata or the festive season... *opps* i've heard from many people that x'mas is a day either couples make or break. although i heard stories of both, yesterday was the first time i actually witnessed a couple 'breaking up'. the guy and the gal were standing at a corner, the gal throwing things at the guy and crying and she seems to be helpless from the sudden blow to her, somemore at this feative season.. i really pity the gal.. hope that she can recover from all these shit soon and lead a new life..

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