Tuesday, December 27, 2005

i'm happy that 2005 is coming to an end. just 4 more days to be exact. oh well, it certainly hasn't been a really good year for me... it could have been so much better..

on the happy side, i'm glad that i'm pretty healthy except for the frequent coughs and flu.. hmm.. work has been quite smooth sailing also. although i'm handling quite a no. of big projects, with many of them pretty tricky, i still managed to survive thru. *phew* learnt alot of things this year, especially on the soft skills side. i believe my exposure to those tricky situations (especially in human management) will come in handy in the future.. my studies has been shitty but fun. really enjoy the rapport i built up with my classmates while doing group presentations and projects. anyway the course is emding soon and i hope that we will still keep in contact after we have graduated. looking forward to the convocation in ireland.. hope that i will be able to attend.. =)

on the not so happy side, some things i'll prefer not to mention again. its no point dwelling over it coz whoever is right or wrong doesn't really matter to me anymore. what's important is i'll take it as a lesson learnt and do not repeat the mistakes in the future. anyway i've gotten over everything and i'm looking forward to a new beginning.. and i hope it will be in 2006.. of coz, i'll leave everything to fate and my dear cupid.. =)

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