Wednesday, November 30, 2005

quiz: how to piss me off, TOTALLY?

answer: by giving me a bad haircut.

and yes, i hate my hair now. i really hate hairdressers using those electric cutters.. you know those white colour battery powered type that makes hell lot of noise beside your ears? i hate it not because of the noise, but whoever uses that is simply trying to tell me that he/she is lazy, does not know how to cut using scissors, or put it simply, incapable. when the stylist shine her electric cutter just now, i got a very bad feeling that this time my hair will be ruined, and its true!! she simply isn't listening to what i want and keep on talking to her colleagues.. she can just cut for 1 min and then walk off to answer call, talk with customer, laugh here and there before coming back to my hair! sicko..

ok, i swear that next time if a stylist wants to use the electric cutter on me, especially right at the start of the session (like those barbers), i'll immediately stand up and walk off. i can only tolerate them using that for finishing touches and not right at the start. if i want that to happen to my hair, i might as well go to a barber right?

i seriously need some recommendations before my next visit is due...

a random pic to brighten up...

at the substation in morwell.. saw this interesting signage and decided to take a candid shot =)

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