Sunday, November 27, 2005

today is a lazy sunday. probably i'm still suffering from jetlag.. today supposed to go gym but i easily swept the idea away without any sense of guilt. instead i indulge in napping for 2 hours... *ZZZzzzz*


here are short recaps of my trip... i'll update them bit by bit so do re-read them coz i may just add in bits of details slowly..

travelling by air
guess what i did during my 14 hours of flights to and from melbourne? haha, i watched initial d, hinokio, the gift, the island & march of the penguin! all these were shows which i missed when they were released. so happy to catch them all at once! wanted to catch batman begins too but too bad no time.. haha.. 1st time that i actually wished my flight to be longer.. hmmm... in-flight food was kinda alrite.. love the ice-cream! yummy! oh yah, not to mention that i got 2 glasses of baileys irish cream and a singapore sling too! =) *singapore sling tastes weird. still prefer those served in hotels* =X

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