Tuesday, November 29, 2005

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pic of me outside the motel which i stayed for 3 nights

morwell is a small town, about 3 hrs drive from melbourne. there is nothing much in this small town actually. in fact, its VERY dead. shops open from 9-5pm and 1 min later you will have to come back another day. really! no joke k! for 2 nights after my dinner with my counterparts there, i really felt that i'm in a ghost town! its only 7+pm and there is not a single soul in the street! even cars can be counted by one hand.. for those who think that i'm enjoying myself there had better eat your words.. not a single shop nor pub there so how do you expect me to enjoy myself?? everyday is work, tv, sleep, work, tv, sleep.... sianzzz...

other than that, its a pretty quiet little town and its a very nice place to live in. what is famous at morwell is that there is a very huge coal mine! the power stations there are all coal fired and it provides electricity to all the other meighbouring towns and cities..

macdonalds just besides the motel

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