Tuesday, November 15, 2005

look at these cute little puppies! there are actually 5 of them! 3 blacks and 2 browns. they are all soooo cute! whenever i stand close to them, they will just wiggle their little tails non-stop! i wanted to adopt one of them and keep them in my company for the time being but i'm not sure if they belong to anyone coz i found them behind the alley near my office.. maybe i'll just get visit them often before i make the adoption decision =)


i feel so shortchanged being a singaporean! just now went to lot1 to change some aussie$ and i was horrified! i could only get A$200 from S$250.80! thats 20% less! i think i better steer clear from countries such as france or usa or england... the atrocious exchange rate simply doesn't make me feel good about it...

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