Monday, November 14, 2005

i'll make this my battle cry, that is

"the process of achieving/attaining is actually more important than the outcome."


the process of getting what you want may be painful, but isn't that the sweetest when you look back on what you have done to achieve it? mugging for exam is a classic example. the preparation stage is always the toughest: burn midnight oil, stress, no tv/internet, blah blah.. but after all these years of education, don't you agree that the process of studying is actually what you cherish and remember more than the paper qualification you get at the end? also think of the time where you are saving/working hard for a particular toy or gadget you have been eyeing for a while. isn't the process of trying to achieve it the time where your fighting spirit is the strongest? after you got your toy you will probably play around with it for a while before dumping it at one corner collecting dust. after a while you may probably forgotten that you have that toy in the first place.

of coz i'm not saying that the final outcome is not important, its important actually. however, what i'm trying to mean is that the process of achieving and not the outcome has made you a different person isn't it? its only at the process you will realise what your latent capabilities are...


counting down... 6 days to aussie!

oh wait.. its nothing to be too happy about coz my food cannot be claimed from the company!! kaozz!! so that means that my allowance (a BIG portion of it) has to cover my 3 meals there! not sure if my manager is stupid or ignorant or just simply telling the truth but the idea of not able to claim my meals simply doesn't make sense..

have to change more aussie$... dun think the kampong kampong area accept major credit cards right? =(

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