Thursday, October 13, 2005

whats the meaning of celebrating one's birthday? isn't birthday suppose to be the day which you were born and to be celebrated on that day only? whats the purpose of celebrating after 26 years on the same date? is it just because you are born on that particular date so that date is so special year after year? or it is because people are all celebrating theirs so you think you should celebrate also? or is it a day you celebrate because you are expecting presents, cakes and wishes?

to me, if i were to celebrate birthday just because of the particular month and day, then its just a date, nothing else. if i were to celebrate birthday just because i'm expecting gifts and such, i'll not need to wait for this date coz i can buy those things i want anytime without giving myself reasons to buy them.

perhaps, birthday is a day which we should reflect ourselves internally as well as externally. what are our purposes in life? have we led a life meaningfully? what are our plans and goals for the near future? how do we work towards them in the coming year?

certainly, it is saddening to reflect your past year full of regrets...

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