Tuesday, October 11, 2005

work seems to come to a halt for me. left 1 big project and another 2 small ones before i'll totally run out of projects on hand. scary huh.. dun like the feeling of zo-bo-ing although i can have more time for checking my work + coffee talks. cannot understand how my other colleagues survive over these years by zo-bo-ing for so long coz i in this state for 2 days i already feeling uneasy. oh well, they have their ways to keep themselves busy, such as being late for work up to 20mins a day, going to toilet for more than 10 times a day, preparing their lunch at 11am when actual lunch break is at 12pm, call their friends/family up for upteem times a day, etc.. perhaps this organisation is not as dynamic and fast moving as i wanted it to be?

anyway i'm planning my exit already. almost 100% i won't leave before CNY coz my performance bonus and AWS all are coming before CNY so if i leave now i'm going to lugi probably 2-4months. i'm expecting quite abit as i think i've performed very well this year, handling the major projects all by myself, considering i'm just a rookie of less than a year of experience when i handled one of the major projects? even my other colleagues think that way too.. also, will be graduating almost right after CNY so i'll probably wait till then? my classmates are planning to have our convocation back in the university in ireland instead of singapore + europe tour and they seems to be pretty serious about it! if really go then will surely drop by england coz one of my classmates is from england so lodging will be taken care of over there. yeah! well, that should be in march/april? earliest i'll exit from here will be around that time while taking some time off for convocation before i start on my next job? have to start saving now.. =D

if i dun leave by march/april then the next date i'll leave is on august. the reason for this particular month is that the performance is being rated and i wanted to see if i'll be promoted. from the promotion history of my other colleagues it seems that they are promoted on average of after 2-3years. if i dun screw up the whole show from now till then maybe i'll be promoted as well? probably? if i'm not promoted then i'll surely leave by then. if i'm promoted i will leave also coz i want to leave the company with a higher rank than i joined 2 years back. hey, being promoted just after 2 years says alot for my working attitude + my capability, and i'll certainly impress my potential employers yah?

ok put all these aside first.. just screwed up something at work today.. will probably be 'buttered' tomorrow... *fingers crossed*


may i know where to get those sausages with cheese or some other interesting fillings/ingredients/taste? i want those i can bbq. can i get them from jasons? or the supermarket in paragon? if anyone knows please let me know k? thanks thanks!

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