Friday, October 14, 2005

guess who i saw in lot1 while i was wandering around the popular bookstore??

can recognise the guy in black?


what about this? the one with the black hat...

try guessing from the things surrounding him....

for those observant people, yeap you are right, he is the author of the series of infamous 'true singapore ghost stories' - russell lee! he was basically covered from head to tail in black cloth so besides his pointed nose, i'm unable to identify any other face features. oh, why was he here in lot1 and in particular the popular bookstore? for those fans of his, just to let you know that his latest book, 'true singapore ghost stories 13' has just been released today so he was here for an autograph session, and lot1 popular was his first stop! ain't i lucky or what?

anyway quite a queue from those kids and kiasu parents who hope that their autographed books will in one day become priceless when he somehow leave this world or when he becomes the next nobel literature prize winner.. anyway their chances of striking gold is as good as striking toto first prize in their lifetime..

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