Sunday, October 30, 2005

perhaps ignorant is a bliss...

how i wished i've not looked for you on your birthday.
how i wished you did not call me in the morning.
how i wished i had not picked up the courage to send you the sms in the noon which really revealed the speculation and fear which i had all along.

but still, you did not give me a direct answer. 4 days have passed and i'm still waiting for the answer which i wanted badly.
i want you to tell me the truth.
i want you to tell me the whole story.
i want you to tell me everything you hate about me.

i want you to tell me what you kept away from me all these while.

why ignore me? something has to be done so why not do it swiftly? if its going to be a wound, why not let the healing start earlier?

the cross-stiches u did for me for my birthdays are still hanging on my walls.
the bottles of stars which you gave me as x'mas/v-day presents still stand in my shelf.

all the little things you have done for me are still deep in my mind although i did not say out how much i appreciate them.
all the beautiful memories which we have on prints are still lying in my photo albums.

but why must it turn out this way?

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