Tuesday, November 01, 2005

after 5 hrs of mugging my assignment, i decided to reward myself for an hour of shopping before i head back for tuition. went to shaw centre and polo ralph is having a 30% sale for amex card members. very tempting but i dun have an amex card of my own so did not walk into it. after that head to taka and drop by zara to see whats interesting. saw a nice jacket going for $119 but its really thick, so dun think it will be useful for me in singapore. saw a few pcs of longsleeve shirts that feel really comfy to the touch. price range from $79.90-$89.90. pricing pretty ok for the design and quality BUT BUT BUT... i dun have the chance to wear longsleeve shirts! correction, i do wear longsleeve shirt in office but thats the uniform... after that head down to my fav ax but the tees looked horrible and they cost $20 more than the time when i had my first ax! nevertheless, the jeans looked nice =)

after that hour, i looked at my dressing (berms and tee and backpack and sandals) i finally realised something: i need a major facelift. yes, call it overhaul if you deem it appropriate. i really must discard the bo chap + lup sup + boring dress sense which i have been carrying all along. call me a vainpot, call me metrosexual, call me shallow, call me anything you like but i REALLY need some little changes or even major changes...

i need to learn to dress better.
i need to learn to dress more appropriately.
i need to learn to carry things that suit me better.
i need to learn to look better...

i need to change for the better.

still remember 2 weeks back one of my classmates actually commented that i 'look so different' just because i worn something more formal (coz all the while i'm dressing like some char kway teow helper going for a postgraduate course). that shows how bad my dress sense was all along... and i know that there are people who dun feel comfortable being with me as i dun match their level...

anyone wana be my image consultant? no fees will be paid coz my changes need $$$!! however earn your satisfaction thru a changed me! drop me a sms/msg! =)

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