Friday, October 28, 2005

one of my student's mum called me up today and asked me if i can teach her 2nd son (i'm teaching her 3rd son now) e'maths and a'maths. i'm so delighted as i do not need to find new assignments since 2 of my students are finishing their sec 4 and i'll lose income from them if they do not want me to teach them when they go for their a'levels. anyway thats side track. i did some mental calculation and i say $360 for 8 lessons for the 2nd son. she was saying i'm charging so expensive and without 2nd thoughts, she SLASHED it to $300 for 8 lessons! KAOZZ!! if i charge $300 for 8 lessons mean i'm only getting $18.75/hr! thats SOOOO low! come on lor.. people are charging a min of $180-$200 for a sec3-4 student and that is at least $22.50/hr! after negotiating for almost my whole bus journey from my office to jurong east mrt, she still insisted on $300 and she asked me to consider. nah.. there is no room for consideration. i'll rather look for another one than to accept the atrociously low offer.

sunday i'm supposed to have a lesson with her son so i'll go and discuss the new rates for both sons.. if its not reasonable i'll rather end on sunday...

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