Wednesday, October 05, 2005

i've thought about it a long time back.. if i ever lose the 'something' in my earlier post, either 1 of the 3 scenarios will happen:

1. i'll find a job elsewhere in another part of this world, maybe hong kong? taiwan? thailand? or even china? i'm not so sure about the destination but leaving singapore is one way i can start my life afresh..

2. i'll become a workaholic. yeap. work may be the best alternative i have to let me forget about everything and move on. maybe at age 35 i'll throw in all my cpf i've accumulated for 10 years of work and get myself a hdb flat and move into it, of coz getting my singles club kakis to join me for a game of mahjong or watching soccer matches over the weekend over the projection screen i'll probably have..

3. i'm still thinking if there is any possibility of the 3rd. i'm not a happening guy, no dress sense, do not really enjoy clubbing, routinely boring stuffs, few friends, intellectually retarded.. with all the above 'qualities', i seriously doubt if there is any chance i can find 'something' new again..


birthday in 11 days.. it will probably be another one which i'm not really looking forward to...

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