Thursday, October 06, 2005

finally blogger is back... *grinz*


the guy(s) who put up the white elephants outside buangkok mrt the other day should count themselves lucky to just get away with a 'stern warning' from the police. if they kena anything ranging from fine to jail term just because of the few cardboards, i'll feel sorry for them just because they did not go thru the proper channel to show their displeasure over the whole thing. anyway they should look at it in another angle: we all pay taxes whether or not we enjoy the facilities right at our doorstep. so why not just take it as the whole station is not there in the 1st place? if it opens tomorrow then take it as strike 4D lah! if not then just take bus lah, unless they have shares in smrt and not sbs transit?

i bet they must have forgotten something: they are living in singapore, not hongkong or taiwan where they can go on strike any other day they like. we are a 'lawful' (aka full of laws) society so please obey the laws and you will be trouble free.

will go to kopi tiam more often this weekend to listen to more juicy kopi tiam talk! =D

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