Friday, October 07, 2005

i was wondering what will happen after the complimentary california fitness passes have expired. will uob still continue to offer passes to those mega gyms? if no then i'll be sad.. coz no more free gym to go in town when i feel like doing workout.. although i've been frequenting (<--is there such a word?!) the sports complex gyms recently. cheap mah, $2.50 only per entry, somemore got attached washroom in the gym so why not? ok lah.. one BAD point is i've to wait for my machines and weights, and that can be rather annoying at times, especially when u see the towel 'park' at the machine for a looooong time yet no one seems to claim it! typical singaporean style. anyway my visa mini has brought me new surprises!

yeah! one year of free gym passes to california fitness again!

3 cheers to visa mini!

btw anyone know of any other credit cards that offer free gym passes like visa mini? let me know k! thanks!

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