Friday, October 21, 2005

can anyone guess whats this i'm holding? =D


was having supper with 2 of my classmates just now and we are discussing that the younger generation who have just left school (like me!) will have alot of material needs which they will like to fulfill. eg. to buy a car within 2 years, a house within 5 years, credit cards which must be gold or even platinum, etc etc...

me and another classmate are nodding our heads.

what made me think deeper was what one of them (in his late 30s) said "after they managed to achieve those that they wanted, they will one day ask themselves what is the purpose of getting all these things they have now?"

i added "when a person thinks this way, he must have achieved things at the expense of others, and after all these years he must have realised that all the things he have now are not what he really wants..."

all of us are nodding our heads this time round.

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