Sunday, October 23, 2005

4 days of seminars can really kill me. this time round was interesting because the lecturer was the 'father' who came up with the course which i'm attending now! if not for him, probably i'll be idling my time away now instead of working for my next piece of paper qualifications.

a soft spoken and friendly 65 years old irish man. full of academic and working experiences coz he was also the head of MBA department of the university as well as previously the head of department for dunno what MNCs.. cool huh? really nice to know him now coz my class will be the last class he will be teaching in singapore coz he will be retiring next year... awww~~ but anyway he promised that he will meet up with us next year march if we are going over to dublin for convocation! yeah!

this week have to work hard for my assignment which is due after hari raya, after which i have to prepare for my exam on 19th nov... so painful.. even more painful is he no give us much tips... siao liao...!!


for those who have not made your investment, this is just a gentle reminder...

toto tomorrow is S$2,800,000!!! not rupiah or peso k...!!

if you haven't do that, better take half day.. no no.. take 1 day urgent leave and go queue, especially those 'hotspots' areas in ang mo kio and bedok.. hehe~ i bet tomorrow will be very very crowded so do go early and queue...

anyway, thanks to all who have bought their chances and i thank you all whole heartedly for contributing to my winnings tomorrow!

thanks thanks!! will be going to selegie to collect my check on tuesday! =D

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