Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"election is drawing near! support democracy!"

the above is the rally cry for dr chee, chairman of one of the opposition party (sorry.. is he is sdp or what?) anyway for those who are at jurong east mrt last week or cck mrt this week should see him selling his book and distributing newspapers of his party. sorry that this pic is blurr as i do not want to treat him as some form of tourist attraction where i stand there and take picture of him. also, to be associated with him is the last thing i have in mind, especially when you will never know who in the busy crowd are spying on him as well as the people who are helping him...

i really do not quite understand the opposition parties in singapore. for so many years, they have been constantly shouting "please support me! support the opposition!" however, did they forget to give us reasons why should we support them? we dun just support the oppostion for nothing yah? what creditbility do they have to persuade us put a cross beside their party on the vote? if we do not like the ruiling party doesn't necessary mean that we must vote for the opposition! if the opposition do not have anything worthwhile for us to consider, and if every vote not given to the ruiling party becomes void, at the end of the day isn't the opposition going to fail again?

a quick check at
here gives a general trend, ie the nomination day for the past 5 elections falls between the 20-25th of the month. hence if my prediction is correct, the earliest date for nomination will be 21 october, because its a friday and it should give the parties enough time to go around the estates during the weekend to draw some support. else it should be 24 october, monday... just a prediction anyway.. =D

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