Tuesday, August 30, 2005

there are just some people who will never admit their mistakes, or even realise that they are at fault.

i've been observing a colleague of mine for the past few months. almost every morning she will be late for at least 10-20mins. when she comes into the office she will still walk slowly to her desk, walking pass my 2 bosses along the way. i'm not sure how long she has been behaving that way but i bet she has been late very very often. i wonder why my boss no 'butter' her... if i'm the boss i sure tick her off. i mean my bosses come to work on time, even the production workers come to work on time, so i see no reason as an engineer, she should be spared from being at work on time. i bet that if my boss ever confront her, she will 100% say that its the bus that comes late.

HELLO!! i dun think that is a good excuse! if you know that you cannot board the bus at this time, be 10mins earlier to board the earlier one. if still cannot then even earlier. if still cannot then you should find alternative route to work, and not give bus late as an excuse.

another reason i can think of is that she will also say the clock in the office is faster than her watch. PLEASE!! of coz you should synchronise your watch with the one in the office rite? how can you say office clock is faster? so u expect the office clock to follow yours?

when it comes to work i'm pretty particular about punctuality. as a person who takes public transport to work everyday, of coz i understands that once in a while the traffic really cocks up and being late is inevitable. however, i still believe that it should be a distinct event and not a recurring event...

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