Wednesday, August 31, 2005

got back my exam result today and i'm very very disappointed.

i only got 55-59 marks and i have my reasons for being disappointed!

i spent the past few hours thinking of why i did so badly before writing an email to the school to ask for clarifications. below is an astract of my email:

Class participation (10%): I wonder how the lecturer will give marks in this area coz he simply do not know anyone in class. I hope that the marks inthis area is given fair and square, ie all should either get the same marks or no marks at all coz it will be unfair if someone gets higher than the other.

Assume I get 5/10 here.

Class presentation (15%): I won't rate my presentation as bad although I may not be a fantastic speaker. If the lecturer grade my performance according to the material I presented then I'll like to highlight that the material to be presented is being split among the group members and its just my luck tobe in charge of this portion. Its a group work and it will be very unfair to me if I'm being penalised for that. Since its a group effort, I see no reason why the marks of my group members should defer. Otherwise we might as well give individual presentation instead since the element of group is not taken into account.

Assume I get 10/15 here.

Individual assignment (15%): I not so sure what happened in this section. I believe I presented my case pretty well. I have yet to receive the lecturer's comments form so I just give an estimation here.

Assume I get 10/15 here.

Out of 3 sections I got 5+10+10 = 25/40. So to be in the 55-59 range, that means that my exam only got 30 marks for 3 questions or only 10 marks per question? This is a essay paper, not a mathematics paper so there is no absolute right or wrong. If you say that its question 2 that pulled my grade down, does that mean that I did so bad for that question which pull my grade down so drastically? Using my analogy, for those who got 70+ must have done extremely well coz they got almost full marks for exam!

i wonder what the school will reply me.. and if they do they i really hope its not some lame replies again..

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