Thursday, August 04, 2005

presidential election
date: 27 august 2005 (saturday)

sianzzz.. it falls on a saturday! although its a public holiday, falling on a saturday is no good for me as i already not working on weekends! i not sure if my company will say it will be a leave in lieu on monday instead as its a practice in my company to give us another day off on the following monday if a public holiday falls on a saturday! yeah that will be great! not very sure this time round... a check with the election department seems to reveal that we have a trend for presidental election, as the one in 1993 was also on 28 august (i believe they want 28th august also this time round if not for the fact that its a sunday...)...

i wonder how many candidates we will have this time round. i'm speculating that dr tony tan will take part and i dunno if he will make a sudden last minute appearance. if he does then it will be fun seeing dr tan vs mr nathan! wooo~ if not hor i not so sure who will actually stand out from the crowd to join in the competition.. is the president post really so boring that it interest no one? or is it that the requirements are too stringent that very very few actually qualify?

anyway who become president also nevermind, so long as he has the heart for the commoners as well as safeguard singapore's interest and wealth, thats the most important...

if singapore pools offers betting for this election, i'll place my money into "walk-over" for the safest bet.. =D

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