Sunday, August 07, 2005

i'm not sure if its a lack of awareness among singaporeans or is it that nowadays people have no regards for rules and regulations. last week when i was on my way for my exam, i witnessed a jc student (he was in his uniform) consuming his breakfast (a packet of beehoon) in the mrt! another occasion, a couple was on the platform drinking a cup of bubble tea and was caught red-handed by a mrt staff. today, a foreigner was sent out of the gate for drinking a can of coke openely. i seriously cannot understand why can't they control themselves while on public transport? i was totally disgusted by the jc student. he was telling his peers that he was very hungry and wanted to eat it although his peers discouraged him from doing so. anyway he won't die from hunger for another hour of train ride right? if he does then he will be in the headlines for being the 1st singaporean to die from starvation!

despite all the announcements and posters to remind us not to consume food in the mrt, people still do... maybe mrt should really impose the penalities strictly on offenders to deter others from committing the same offence again..

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