Tuesday, August 02, 2005

i dunno i should consider myself as a junior management or just an executive. anyway being in this position has its advantages, especially in the area of human resource management. i can get the general workers to speak truthfully with me about the problems and unhappiness they face at work, and the best way is to listen to their complains. seriously leh, while they are complaining about something, unconsciously thats the most truthful thing that will come out from their hearts. probably its only this position that i'm in will allow me to learn more about the feelings of the workers. to those workers, what they want is just a paycheck they can bring home for their families, raise their kids, be sufficient, thats pretty all about it. they are not asking for sky high salary, job satisfaction, job recognition, etc.. yet their simple wishes are often taken away from them by the management who are just not understanding enough.

everyone work for money. if you do not pay them enough, do you think you can keep their loyalty? saving a bit here and there by cutting benefits and salary won't do the company any good! as what i always like to put it: u save that few thousand dollars aannually the boss is not going to even notice it in his annual financial report! its peanuts! so why try to gamble the morale of the staffs with that little savings? finally, its the people that make up the company, so if you lose the people, you lose everything...

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