Saturday, July 30, 2005

i'm kinda a saddist. i like the period of mugging for exam where i've little sleep, no time for other things except for studying, etc... this feeling kinda 'fun' and 'fulfilling' for me although i do feel like giving up at times.. today just completed another paper. tips did come out but i feel that i will not do very well as i do not feel the flow when i answer my questions. the questions are quite indirect also, so i'm afraid that i did not answer to the question... haizzz... anyway its all over.. hope that the lecturer thinks otherwise.... *fingers crossed*

went to california fitness for a short workout. first time there using the complimentary pass from my uob visa mini. surprisingly, there is no compulsory guided tour so i can start my workout almost immediately. however, i'm like a blurr cock coz i do not know that the changing room on the 2nd level is for female and i've to go to the 3rd floor for the males.. also i did not bring my own lock and have to get one from the reception at $5! nvm... overall my verdict is that its quite a dynamic place for workout, but i dun really like the attitude of the staffs there coz kinda 'dao'... i'm seriously considering a membership for myself in a gym to motivate myself and have the good habit of exercising regularly. i'll try to visit a few more gyms to compare. anyone has any complimentary passes to other gyms? can bring me along? =D

finally the day ended with a sumptous dinner at allson hotel fountainbleau! ate fresh oyster, salmon sashimi, ice cream, cakes, jap cold noodles (forget wats its called in jap liao.. *knock head*) soup, blah blah.. quite alot ah... *slurp*

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