Thursday, September 01, 2005

project superstar has finally ended with kelvin crowed the winner.


i'm seriously not a fan of any of the 20 final contestants. i dun vote with my 20cents and neither will i push away any appointment just to be home on at 830pm (or is it 9pm?) and sit infront of the television watching the programme. to me its just another gimmick by mediacorp and friends to earn money. think of the sponsorship fees, the commerical airtime fees, records sales, potential sale of copyright of the programme, and not forgetting all the 20cents for every call/sms which they earned since the start of the top 20 finalists... i just cannot imagine the figures... and i bet that if they can start the competition at top 50 without making the people yawning then i'm 100% sure they will do it.. trust me!

ok back to the competition. i only 'heard' the male final the other time. why is it 'heard' and not 'watched'? tats simple: i'm in my room surfing the net while my family was watching the show. seriously, if i were to base my judgement on what i heard, then i'll say the other guy (forgot wats the name already) really deserves to win instead. both sang equally bad due to flu but the other guy really sang much better that day. surprisingly, he lost...

for tonite's competition i only heard kelly sang the final song and she's really good! very professional i'll say. however, i still dunno why the other person won... is it really because of compassion sake that he received more votes? or is it that he is really that good? i'm not sure if there is any underground betting on who will win. kelly must have been a hot favourite among those who bet and those bookies trying to save their own asses by voting furiously for kelvin to win! hehe~ thats just my own thoughts.. anyway who win also not my business, just like the singapore idol also not my business... =)

oh yah... i thought of a way for the records company to sell kelvin's albums if its ever going to release, and thats to shape him the local version of 欧得洋 ...

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