Thursday, July 28, 2005

today's post is not for those religious freaks. please don't read if you think u will be offended. you have been forewarned!

its been quite sometime since i was last approached on the street by people who like to share with me their faith. well well, i've nothing against them.. really.. they are doing what they feel is necessary for their faith and thats fine with me, except when they are trying to involve me into the picture. when they approach me i'm wondering whats on their mind: are they having the thought that they just want to let another person know about what they believe in? or are they thinking that i'm an easy target who will listen to what they say and join them? or are they thinking that i'm a bloody sinner and requires help from someone out there?

wats interesting is that i used to get more of such lobangs when i was still attending church than when i left it. trying to understand that really puzzled me...

when i was attending the church, i was told that we should go out and spread our beliefs. yes i agree. as a follower, we should share with as many people as possible when we know of something which is nice! however, i dun think its effective to go around shopping centres and bus interchange in twos and trying to approach people and expect total strangers to be interested in your beliefs isn't it? beliefs such a personal thing which i doubt anyone will just change it out of a sudden. instead, i believe a better method will be thru friends or relatives who we contact often with. if they see that a person's belief has such a great impact on him/her, its much easier for another person to realise that and its more convicing this way.

whats making things worst is the message that i got from the church that we are suppose to be close to the brothers and sisters in church ONLY, ie if we got anything to share we should tell them, if we are doing anything we should ask them to take part. what about my friends who dun share the same belief as me? if i dun get to interact with them more, how on earth are they going to know more about of my beliefs thru me? if most of my time is spent in church other than my work/school, is it going to help? so what if they dun share the same beliefs, ain't we humans too? is having a different faith going to seperate us so distinctively even in our daily lifes? is there a need to have only friends of the same faith by worrying that we might be led "astray" by non-belivers?

by the way i've left that set of beliefs hehind me... taking with me only the precious things i learnt along the way...

anyway i shouldn't discuss more of such a sensitive topic when i'm living in a multi-racial and multi-religion country.. i'm supposed to be living in harmony with all.. yes i agree... only if you are allowed to be what you want to be without anyone enforcing what they believe on u..

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