Friday, July 01, 2005

my lecturer was sharing with us the 5 "K's" of singaporeans:

1. kia-su (scared to lose out)
2. kia-si (scared to die)
3. kia-chenghu (scared of government)
4. kia-gui (scared of ghost)
5. kia-bo (scared of wife)


pretty interesting yah? i think the 1st two are pretty well-known among singaporeans, probably including the 3rd one. however the 4th one i'm not sure thou...the last one is surely an interesting one, and i think its pretty true for many singaporean males... hehe

ohhh... did i forget to mention that i saw that "rather infamous singaporean female blogger" again...? but this time on mrt thou.. i think she slimmed down this time round...

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