Tuesday, June 28, 2005

did anyone watch the 缘来就是你?

i basically laughed my head off while watching that just now, especially during the last part where the guy posed questions to the girls that were on stage. he was supposed to get to know more of the gals BUT that guy was really damn loooooooooong winded, dunno is he trying to show off he got lots of "ink" as a phd (aka doctorate) holder. the questions he asked also ... ehh..... turn off i'll say... the expressions on the face of the girls are those of

"damn.. he is sooooo lor sor..."

"waste my time to come on stage.. "

"hope he dun choose me!! *pray*...."

even while he was trying to eliminate the girls one by one was sooooooo boring with his philosophiscal (did i spell correctly?) analysis of the person...

if i were one of the two hosts i'll probably whack that guy's head with my mic...

need i say more?

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