Sunday, July 03, 2005

had my 1st shot of golf today!

was introduced to this sport by my classmates. did not really know that they are all golf freaks till today: they have their own clubs, shoes, blah blah... and they actually play golf very often!

as this was the 1st time i play golf, most of the time i was trying to get the posture and technique right by swinging the club hitting air. haha! was pretty fun actually, especially when i see the ball flying off far and straight! aweee~!

oh yah, all my perceptions about golf was corrected today: its really not a sport as simple as i used to think it was, especially after my first attempt to hit the golf ball and it simply stay in air for less than 2 seconds before landing on the ground again. =( in addition, to get the technique correct certainly requires alot of practice and hard work, and i certainly need alot alot more of practice to get things right. although i'm only 15mins in the driving range, i was sweating like nobody business! din know swinging my arms in the shade can make me sweat sooooooo much!

oh well, golf is still not my game at the moment, although it will be pretty fun to practice it once in a while... =D

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