Monday, July 04, 2005

my senior police officer application was rejected.

wasted one day of my leave for it.

well, you police dun want me its YOUR loss k.. NOT mine! at most i only lose a day of my leave and probably some brain cells dead while doing the paper tests. other than that i did not lose anything.

why the loss is at the other side:

1. nobody wanted to become a policeman as much as i do.
2. i'm probably one of the only souls that wanted to join the police before looking at the salary.
3. i always believe in upholding justice and order of the society, and i wanted to be in a better position to do so as a police officer!

looks like i can throw away all the years of national education i had. suddenly felt that all the while my thinking of sparing a thought for the society and the country is simply just a waste of time on my side. really... just felt so disappointed, those who are really interested do not get a chance, yet those who just want the position for money got them so easily. why? why is this happening to me and so many others who really wanted to join a partcular organisation yet we can't, whereas those who simply do not have any passion for the job, for the sake of money, got them? it happened in the education sector, the uniform group sector, haizzz..... mind you, if those govt jobs pay 20% less salary now, i bet if there are still so many interested...

yeap, the world is unfair. well, i knew that long ago.

i've decided. probably no more job hunting from now till i graduate, which is about 7 months later. after which i'll fight my way in the private sector and earn soooo much money that the SAF find it too ex to ask me back for ICT!!!

i guess i found the synergy in my future directions! many thanks!!!

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