Tuesday, May 10, 2005

kingdom of heaven was pretty good, probably one of the better ones i watched this year. kinda funny, especially the priests in the show are all evil creatures. the best phase i like from the priest in the movie was "convert to islam first, repent later" hehe~

last part of the movie shows the king of the muslim picking up a cross that was on the floor. kinda significant as it portrays a goodwill that muslim and christians should accept one another. seriously i do not understand why some people are saying that this show portrays a negative image of muslims...

halfway thru the show i received a call from a dunno who. he was asking me if i was looking for a job and is offering me a position probably at his company. thru the sms exchanged, this is a 2 years contract job and from the information i gathered online, this company is doing some IT services. find it really funny to have someone come knocking on my door (literally) and wana hire me... haha~ does that considered head-hunt? if yes then i'm finally headhunted! haha!

some of the hong kong pics for your viewing pleasure =D

pic taken at the avenue of stars =)

with mr clinton at madame tussauds!

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