Monday, May 09, 2005

just a little recap of my itinerary for my hong kong trip...

1st day:
reach hong kong
check in

2nd day:
hong kong expo centre
tsim sha chui
clock tower
avenue of stars
ladies street
temple street
lan kwai fong

3rd day:
po lin
wong tai shin
repulse bay
stanley market
victoria peak
madame tussauds

4th day:
shopping at causeway bay
back to singapore

basically hong kong is a place of eat and shop. so if you have low tolerance for shopping, please DO NOT visit hong kong coz other than that, you basically have nothing to do there. oh yah, do not expect hongkies to converse with you in english like what you, kantang eater, has been doing in singapore just because you cannot speak mandarin. tell you what, although they have been under british rule, their english sucks big time. i went to the macdonalds at the peak and the waiters there cannot even converse in simple english. i wonder why the macdonalds signboard for their menu bother to put english subtitles when they do not even understand.. its just like having jap wordings in the menu in singapore where a great majority of the locals cannot speak japanese...

will update more... =D

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