Sunday, April 03, 2005

if my weekend lifestyle carries on, i'll in no doubt be like the guy in 'super size me' where my body will malfunction...

yesterday i had kfc for lunch and today its mcdonalds.

dun worry, no coffee for me today at mac, although i did have a cuppa at home prior to that =X

did i mention that last saturday and sunday i have bk and mcdonalds respectively? if i could still remember what i had 2 weekends ago, probably one of them was junk food too...

see what i mean by my undesirable weekend lifestyle? no wonder i feel so fat and junky recently.. yeah, junky..

the moral of the story: do not have fastfood too often.


1. its expensive
2. its unhealthy
3. its fattening
4. its....

anyway next week will probably be my last dosage of fastfood before i escape temporary from it as exam is 2 weeks later. no preparation for exam = no fastfood! =D


looking forward for my gym session everytime. its not that there are chio bu(s) or what lah (although there will be 1 or 2 usually unless its my bad hair day..) but i enjoy working out till my hands are weak and tired which i even have difficulty lifting my hands up. =) starting last week, i've incorporated a 15 mins jogging session at the end of it to maintain my fitness level + reduce excessive fats! yeah.. i'm heavier now as compared previously. not that i'm that fat but i just wana keep my mass low coz i hate being called a 'fatty' again! those who call me fatty when i was 10 years younger better eat your own words! people might wonder how i motivate myself to go gym after a hard day at office, somemore coupled with my studies.

its all in the mind.. if your mind say can, you can. so train your mind to say you can instead of you can't. i'm still training it thou...

tomorrow there is gym session again! yuppie! =D

oh yah... exam in 12 days time... *stress*

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