Monday, April 04, 2005

i hate it when people try to be funny with me, especially when it involves my hard-earned $$$ and trust.


ok here is what happens. i bought something from this guy for $23 online and he has been very 'on' before the deal closes and i'm expecting him to be a very prompt seller where he collects payment fasts and sends out the item fast. its that simple right? you get your $$$ i get my stuff and everyone is happy! however, this joker simply dun believe in this simple methodology. i mean even if you regretted selling your stuff to me simply let me know and return the $$$ to me rite? its ok for me as i dun lose a piece of my flesh! anyway the deal was closed on 18 march and till now 4 april already i still haven't receive the thing yet. i sms and call for almost 2 weeks then only just now the phone was answered, probably because he cannot stand his phone ringing once every 10 minutes (all thanks to me). disappointed that its being answered by his gf or sister. dun think he has the balls to pick up my call.


put it simply, i got his hp, his email, his posb bank account number so he can try his luck to run away with my $$$.

oh yah... i even managed to find his bloody pic from friendster! somemore he is a 3rd degree friend of mine.. ok if anyone of you know this joker personally, be forewarned that he is not trust worthy!

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