Saturday, April 02, 2005

today's blog is all about coffee, and i mean coffee not at starbucks, coffee bean nor spinelli, but at fast food restaurants, kfc, mcdonalds, bk and LJS.. (did i miss out any? taco bell? nah.. i never dine in there before..)

below are my comments and feedback about the various coffee being served in the major fast food restaurants in singapore. all views are strictly personal. do not comform if your taste buds tell you otherwise..

in order of preferences.. from the bottom:

4) bk
taste factor: 1/5
size factor: 3/5
why it should rank last:
bk's coffee taste's horrible!! still remember the last time i drank it was last month, in the morning before my exam. after emptying 5 packets of sugar into the cup, the coffee still tastes horribly sour!! OMG! i'm wondering is it my tastebuds have suddenly become so sensitive or is it really the coffee is horrible, and i confirm its the latter..

3) kfc
taste factor: 2/5
size factor: 3/5
why is should be one rank above bk:
at least it taste much better than bk's coffee after i emptied 3 packs of sugar in it. however, its still leaves a rather sour after taste which i do not understand why... form factor is good too as it came out from a coffee dispenser rather than the usual flask commonly found in normal fast food restaurants. overall verdict is drink it if you dun have much choice around you coz its abit diluted..

2) LJS
taste factor: 3/5
size factor: 2/5
why it should not be the first:
i think LJS value water very much that they give such a small cup for their hot drinks! seriously i dun understand why. anyway other than the small cup the taste is much better as i dun taste any sourness. however, dun think it blends well with your combo meal #1 (2pcs chicken + fries + 16 oz drink) as coke is still the best companion!

our champion is nevertheless....
mcdonald's! *clap clap*
tatse factor: 3.5/5
size factor: 3.5/5
why it should be the overall champion:
i dunno is it psychological effect or what but it seems to have the most generous cup size (i mean coffee cup lah.. what are the dirty minds thinking??) among all. also, it tastes much better than the rest coz its not too strong nor too dilute. of coz it can still be better lah...

haha! exam coming liao tats why go around fast food restaurants drinking coffee... =X

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