Wednesday, March 23, 2005

the results for the previous module was released today. kinda surprising thou as i expected it to be released on the 4th of april instead.

anyway this time round i did not do very well. did not manage to squeeze myself into the top few. =( i mean its not that bad thou, just that many others also got the same score range as mine (the university gives a range of marks as a guide, eg 80-84, 85-90, etc) so i find myself in the 'average' catagory. not really happy with my results this time round... will have to make myself work harder for the coming OB module!!

oh yah, after comparing the results this time and last time, i noticed one trend in my class, ie almost all the top students last module were also the top few this module (except for me lah where i slack behind them abit)! interesting huh.. i can only explain this phenonenum with one reasoning: they have been consistently well and if they manage to continue for the other 6 modules they will probably be able to get 1st class honours in MSc. i know its weird but the university has this policy of differentiating the students, even in the postgraduate degree, in terms of 1st class (>70%), 2nd class(>60%) and pass. i'm still aiming for the 1st class thou... should not be too far away from it if i can discipline myself hard enough... one way to do it will be to remind myself that the fees are not cheap!

this week will be a long weekend. looking forward for some rest.. anyone wana ask me out? i very free! =D

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